Cold Shower in Jail

Yes, it’s no surprise to see this athletic cunt brought in for a ritual soaking at the end of a freezing cold power shower at He’s been noticed by screws and lags alike but it’s only the screws that have 100% say over him. Whenever they want a pervy thrill who do you think enters their mind? That’s the problem with being fucking sexy looking in jail, you get all the attention whether you want it or not.
They’ve seen this lad pumping iron in the gym, with sweat dribbling down his armpits and bum crack and have used it as the perfect reason to get him on his own, clothes taken from him and humiliated by the hose. Filmed it all of course they have. Be sure to check out the close ups of his hot and hairy little cunt being hosed proper clean.
I bet when he gets back to the landing, still naked of course, smelling fresh as a daisy there are lines of older lags eager to use his mouth and ass in the confines of their cell. Witness the look on his face at the end of this hosing down. It may be the first week in jail for him but he knows his time is going to be spent in abject misery.

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