Special massage for soccer team’s stars

The men of Mancastle United are in harsh training as they need to be at their best for the upcoming game. But tragedy strikes when tough footballer Laddo tackles upcoming star footballer Julien Günter. Naturally, Coach Walker is eager to instantly get him into the locker room where the muscular athlete can be quickly treated. With no time to waste, he takes a hands on approach to assessing and treating this lad’s injury. The coach and club chairman are doing their best to relieve injured player Julien’s strained groin, but expert Dr Taylor soon joins them to take over. He’s got an expert way of relieving the pent up pressure and none of the players dare question his methods. These footballers are falling like dominoes because Lucas comes limping into the locker room as well. At Mancastle United players are expected to support and comfort each other as it’s all for the good of the team!


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